Call for Consultants: Research on the Multi-annual Financial Framework

CONCORD - European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development

Brussels, Belgium

We are looking for a consultant to conduct our next research on the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) post 2021. If you have a very good understanding and knowledge of the MFF 2014- 2020, the European Development Fund and the geographic and thematic programming process; if you are able to understand and analyse how the Brexit process may impact on future of the MFF 2021; and if you have experience in policy analysis, report writing and political communication. Then, this job is tailored for you!


The Commission is due to make a proposal for the next Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) by the end of 2017. The proposal should reflect the future challenges and needs of the EU post- 2020 – post-Brexit area of EU 27. This means that the new MFF might have a new structure, financing revenues and duration.

The research you would conduct for CONCORD would have a double objective:

  • The primary purpose is to support the understanding of the confederation on the challenges and opportunities of the future MFF post 2021 and the impact that different MFF 2021 scenarios may have for the EU Official Development Assistance (ODA);
  • The secondary purpose is to help the NGOs identifying what they should focus on to safeguard the EU ODA levels and integrity including the EU’s development policy and commitments.


  • Final report outlining the current trends impacting the next MFF, analysis of the current MFF based on CONCORD’s red lines and the potential scenarios for the future MFF 2021 depending on the Brexit negotiations and political development in Europe;
  • A set of red lines/key principles for the negotiations should be delivered;
  • A presentation of the findings and elaboration of an advocacy strategy.

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