Project Coordinator, Urban Transition Scaler Programme


Copenhagen (preferred), Paris, Brussels, Utrecht, Berlin, Zurich

Division: Climate-KIC Nordic
Reports to: Managing Director, Climate-KIC Nordic Aps and Director, Urban Transitions
Contract: Fixed-term contract until 31st December 2018, with the possibility to extend
Salary: Competitive
Start Date: as soon as possible
Apply by: 1 November 2017

Business Background

Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest public-private partnership addressing climate change through innovation, comprising of over 250 leading partners from business, academia, the public sector and NGOs. Our ambition is to contribute to creating a prosperous, inclusive, climate resilient society with a circular, zero-carbon economy.

We focus on levers of systemic change and a selection of priority areas where innovation is most needed to achieve deep decarbonisation (fossil fuels) and effective adaptation. We act as a platform to catalyse cross-sectoral, transformational change through innovation. This entails providing funding, composition of innovation consortia, working together with our partners to take a portfolio approach to innovation options, enrichment of business model design and implementation, tailored support for experimentation and scaling and support for very early stage ideation and pre-seed innovation.

In order to make ourselves accessible to key actors and ‘problem owners’, we work along four priority themes: urban transitions, sustainable land use, sustainable production systems, and decision metrics and climate finance. A focus on entrepreneurship and innovation design, leadership and governance, capacity building for new skills and capabilities as well as policy evolution is threaded throughout. We run programmes for students, start-ups and innovators across Europe via centres in major cities and regions, convening a community of the best people and organisations.

We balance strategic innovation, aimed at driving systemic change, with a significant portfolio of bottom-up innovation – e.g. through our start-up accelerators – in order to achieve leverage, evaluate continuously and adjust our efforts to impact climate change. Ultimately, we aim to become a leader in systemic innovation that contributes to a paradigm shift from a linear, industrial metabolism to a circular, regenerative model, harnessing the power of our unique community of innovators and inspiring change beyond it.

Climate-KIC is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

Climate KIC Scaling instrument

The Climate-KIC Scaler Programme is the final stage in the Innovation Framework and supports tried and tested innovations in growing to achieve greater overall climate mitigation and adaptation impact. Climate-KIC offers scaling services through both itself and also its community of Partners. Our Partners therefore have the opportunity to offer their scaling services as part of the Scaler Programme capacity and also to benefit from scaling support of their innovations.

Consequently, there are two types of scaler projects that we are interested in:

  1. Scaler Instruments – The tools, networks, knowledge, competencies and intellectual property (the “capacity”) through which innovations can be scaled;
  2. Scaler Opportunities – The opportunities to provide support (delivered by Climate-KIC or through its Partners) to specific innovations so that these innovations can scale.

Every innovation has different needs, barriers and challenges relating to market conditions and customer needs. There is no one solution to these barriers and challenges to scaling an innovation.

Climate-KIC is seeking to strengthen our ability to support the development of scaler instruments and opportunities. There are three scaler instrument projects where we wish to be actively involved:

  1. Reinventing Cities led by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group;
  2. Smart City World Lab led by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU);
  3. DLIB Haringey led by Knight Frank.

Reinventing Cities

Climate KIC is supporting the C40 led Reinventing Cities competition which is an innovative scaling instrument to stimulate global carbon-neutral urban development in 12-15 larger metropoles around the world. The aim of the programme is to implement innovative solutions to transform under-utilized sites into beacons of sustainability and resiliency.

The opportunity for the programme is to be one of the world’s most effective innovative urban develop instruments, able to showcase how decarbonised urban transition can happen from concept level to implementation in one year. It will also contribute to expand the ecosystem of actors needed to make climate action possible, as the competition rules will foster a key role for environmental experts and innovators within the bidder teams.

The program will significantly enhance how city administrations leverage expertise from the private sector and research institutions, how they unlock vital external funding for adaptation and mitigation projects, and build their capacity to operate effectively in the urban sustainability field; all on a global scale. The instrument will deliver:

  • Capacity building and education through the work of partners and participating cities to explain the criteria and support the bidders in developing holistic climate focused solutions;
  • Meet-up events and communication to support matchmaking of multi-disciplinary organisations required to design the most innovative solutions to well-articulated and defined demand side needs;
  • Communications and marketing support to raise awareness of the city challenges, the ambitions, and ultimately the winning solutions.

With approximately 30 to 60 sites across the world, we expect that Reinventing Cities will unearth and establish new best practices for how city administrations set climate actions goals, acquire expertise, unlock funding, build internal capacities, and engage with the private and research sectors in a transparent and concise fashion.

Climate KIC will in alliance with C40 Cities and a consortium of partners, assist in the execution of the programme at all selected sites and ensure development of program as well monitoring performance and progress in each stage of the program.

Smart City World Lab

Climate KIC is supporting The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) along with the partner consortium behind Smart City World Labs, counting both public, semi-public and private sector participants, the partner will deliver a demand led innovation brokerage (DLIB) programme in 2017-2018 building on the work done in 2016-2017 by the incumbent Smart City World Labs consortium.

Denmark and Singapore are leading nations in Europe and Asia with the ability to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing world. Smart cities, digital economy, green technologies and urban solutions are key priority growth areas driven by the strong public sectors in both countries to enhance the overall competitiveness and to elevate the quality of life for citizens. Living Labs are a strong tool and method for creating agile environments allowing new innovative solutions to be tested and implemented rapidly. Collaborative and coordinated Living Labs in both countries will enable knowledge sharing, joint innovative ventures and projects, accelerating the uptake and go-to-market of sustainable solutions for the future cities of the world. The long-term goal is to build a “Smart City World Labs” platform counting cities and living labs across the globe.

The purpose of the project is to support and prepare start-ups and SMEs from the EU entering new markets in Singapore through strategic living lab collaboration through:

  1. Identification of specific challenges locally in Singapore within the built environment and campus as a living lab;
  2. Scouting and identification of solutions that can address the local challenges;
  3. Preparing the most promising solutions providers to understand the local context and business environment, the cultural value and how to create long term prosperous business in Singapore;
  4. Matchmaking and networking instruments aimed at mobilising demand side value chain actors in the target market;
  5. A capacity building programme related to business development in a foreign market context with a particular focus on the protection and securing of intellectual property (IP) rights - the lack of which has proven a significant barrier for getting smaller companies on board;
  6. A roadmap for test and implementation of the solutions and identification of investors.

Today, the Smart City World Labs consortium consists of: The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), City of Copenhagen (Copenhagen Solutions Lab), The Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore, Quercus Group, Gate 21, BLOXHUB and Energy Research Institute (ERI@N) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

Climate KIC will in alliance with the SCWL consortia assist in the execution of the SCWL Program at each phase and ensure development of program as well monitoring performance and progress in each stage of the program.

Demand Led Innovation Brokerage - Haringey Council Scaler:

The Haringey Council DLIB programme will provide real estate funds and developers, social housing groups, major public and private sector occupiers of real estate in the London Borough of Haringey, and advisors, with the opportunity to trial, invest in, and/or roll-out innovative low carbon technologies that they would normally not come into contact with, which are innovative, and which help to reduce GHG emissions and solve key specific technical challenges in the London Borough of Haringey and beyond.

Knight Frank, Haringey Council, and several other public and private sector participants will deliver the project. The Council has an ambitious target to become a zero-carbon borough by 2050. To achieve this new innovative technology will need to play a leading role in the ambitious regeneration plans the borough has, to build 30,000 new homes in the next 10-15 years.

Purpose of the Role

The role of the Project Coordinator(s) in the Urban Transition Scaler Programme is to coordinate daily activities between selected stakeholders and strengthen the matchmaking and outreach of the Urban Transition Scaler Programme. The Project Coordinator(s) will also assist with securing the necessary documentation, developing required instruments, evaluation criteria and drive awareness campaigns.

We seek to recruit a Project Coordinator(s) to assist a range of Scaler projects.

Urban Transition Scaler Programme generally entail the project coordinator(s) to assist, document and coordinate: to match research results with companies and cities, prepare meetings, workshops and disseminate information, coordinate and provide inputs to communication services, organize training and education instruments in selected cities, assist with developing training modules on climate impact and emission calculation, monitoring of the adoption of innovation and climate impact. For example, training city planners to use climate impact assessment tools as well as providing matchmaking and networking instruments and access to European stakeholders.

You will work with a diverse set of stakeholders, ranging from researchers, city officials, business developers, property developers, architects, engineers, environmental and other industry experts as well as investors internationally.

Key Responsibilities

  • Act as a Project Coordinator in the Urban Transition global scaler instrument;
  • Act as the assistance for Scaler Management team within the Urban Transition program;
  • Assist the Senior Project Manager under the Urban Transition Scaler Programme as needed;
  • Be the contact person for selected cities involved in the urban transition program;
  • Assist in training and education activity;
  • Assist in evaluation criteria and climate impact screening instruments;
  • Performance review and project execution forecaster;
  • Be responsible for performance reporting per given requirements;
  • Evaluating and assessing innovation potential and climate impact of the entire project;
  • Organize relevant matchmaking and networking instruments such as connecting value chain actors and demand-side actors offering challenges that innovation providers can respond to;
  • Control time schedules, budgeting and secure the delivery of agreed outputs within the program.

Key Working Relationships

  • Nordic Business Development Lead, C-KIC;
  • Director of Urban Transitions theme, C-KIC;
  • Development Lead of Urban Transitions theme, C-KIC;
  • Director of Climate-KIC Nordic;
  • C40 Programme owners.

Person Specification

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Relevant academic background (MSc or equivalent);
  • You have a minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in managing complex projects in an international environment;
  • You are a structured, well-organized person, and have a track record in directing project teams;
  • You have experience in budgeting, planning and reporting on projects;
  • You have experience with coordinating inputs and securing timely deliverables;
  • Ideally, you have a proven track record of achievement in the sustainability area or clean-tech business community in the Nordic region;
  • You are familiar with smart city concepts and living labs;
  • Strong networking, interpersonal and negotiating skills;
  • Ability to work with an international team and in a multidisciplinary context;
  • Good spoken and written English language skills and preferable a Nordic language;
  • Preferably experience with proposal writing;
  • Willingness to travel as extensive travel may be required.

Application Process

Climate-KIC values diversity and welcomes applications from all suitably qualified candidates regardless of age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic background.

Your application should consist of a full curriculum vitae and a covering letter describing briefly how your profile, skills and experience meet the criteria outlined in the person specification, and outlining your interest in and vision for the role.

Please send your full application to

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