Expert to Develop Toolkits for Workshops on CSO Dialogue with EU Delegations and EU Gender Action Plan

CONCORD - European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development

Brussels, Belgium

Objective of the consultancy

  • To develop a workshop toolkit on how CSO can effectively engage with EU Delegations at country level; and on how CSO can participate and monitor the EU Gender Action Plan.


By the end of the assignment, the consultant/s is expected to:

  • Deliver a workshop toolkit on CSO engagement with EU Delegations and on the gender action plan;
  • Facilitate two ‘training of trainers’ sessions to CONCORD members on how to use the toolkit.

About the Toolkit

The Toolkit should be accessible, concise and in simple language, avoiding expert terminology and provide tools and propose methodologies to be used in workshops and presentations on, with a view to encourage audiences and participants to take leadership and active part in debates. They will be translated into French, Spanish and Arabic and available on-line.


  • CSOs to become aware of how they can successfully engage with EU delegations worldwide and why this is important with the aim to influence EU or government policy, to participate in shaping EU and government programmes in the country, or to access funding opportunities;
  • provides resources for CSOs to improve their engagement with the EU.
  • to support CSO networks and platforms to get their constituencies (individual CSOs) engaged in their relations with the EU Delegations.

Content of the toolkit

The toolkit should have four general topics and the following modules:

  • Overview of EU development policies and tools at country level:
    • EU institutions and development policies;
    • Roadmaps: strategic engagement between EU delegations and civil society;
    • Gender.
  • The EU delegation and entry points for CSOs:
    • Who´s who at the EU delegation;
    • Entry points - the EU programming cycle;
    • Trends in how the EU funds CSOs.
  • Experiences of CSOs in engaging with the EU delegation:
    • Intro to the definitions and roles of CSOs in EU documents;
    • SWOT analysis of civil society in engaging with the EU delegation;
    • Roleplay: effective participation in programme processes and consultations.
  • More specific module on Gender Action Plan (to be developed after September).

Note: Sections 2 and 3 include gender mainstreaming (ex: gender focal points, etc.).

For the first three modules the toolkit already exist and needs to be just updated with consultation of the EU Delegations Group. The Gender Action Plan toolkit needs to be developed from the beginning together with the Gender Reference Group.

Key specifications of the toolkit

  • Format: text (to be submitted in a format readable by MS-Word), video, graphics, audio, web-based applications or any other format or mix of formats that can be used in different cultural settings;
  • Language: English;
  • Terminology: the toolkit must be written in simple, accessible and concise language, avoiding expert terminology;
  • Universality: The toolkit should be used by people from around the world and in different cultural contexts. As set out above, certain components will have to be adapted to specific stakeholder groups/types of CSOs;
  • Translation: The toolkit must be written in a way that it can easily be translated into other languages.

Skills and Qualifications

Consultants are expected to have

  • Background in education or pedagogy;
  • Excellent and creative command of English;
  • Excellent drafting skills;
  • Sense of initiative, proactive working attitude;
  • Experience in preparing and facilitating international and multi-cultural workshops for civil society;
  • Familiarity with EU development policy from a civil society perspective, with a focus on gender;
  • Proven experience in developing and/or facilitating capacity building materials or participative workshops for CSOs;
  • Solid knowledge of CSOs in development, their roles, needs, capacities and the challenges they are facing;
  • Ability to visualise processes and topics by preparing and using graphics, charts and diagrams
  • Experience in working with CSOs, in particular communities.

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