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Interreg Expert in the Area of Programme Management – Focus on Thematic Capitalisation, Innovative Tools for Cooperation and Mediterranean Area

INTERACT Office Valencia - Vicerectorat d'Investigació

Valencia, Spain

Vacancy announcement under the Interact III 2014-2020 programme1

Interact Office Valencia is recruiting one Interreg expert in the area of programme management – focus on thematic capitalisation, innovative tools for cooperation and Mediterranean area Interact Office Valencia is looking for one Interreg expert in the area of programme management who is interested in and driven by the strategic developments of the programming period 2014-2020, in particular with a focus on thematic concentration, results orientation, harmonisation and simplification. This is a perfect opportunity for an expert, who would like to drive the change management process in the Interreg community towards these new trends.

We believe that we can offer an exciting career development opportunities, good work-life balance conditions promoted by the housing institution, great location of the city of Valencia with very good quality of life, great international team and a competitive salary package. For the selected candidates, who will sign the contract, we will cover the reasonable justified re-allocation expenses of up to 3.400€ upon presentation invoices2.

1. About the Programme

The Interact Programme facilitates the exchange of expertise, experience and good practice within the Interreg Programmes; i.e., European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Objective, as well as other cooperation initiatives. Its wide geographic scope covers 28 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland and neighbouring countries. Interact is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by national contributions by participating countries.

The coordination framework and implementation structure of the Programme is based on a decentralised model involving a central Managing Authority/Interact Secretariat located in Bratislava (Slovakia) and four Interact Offices located in Turku (Finland), Viborg (Denmark), Vienna (Austria) and Valencia (Spain).

Full details regarding the aims, objectives, coordination framework and operational strategy for the Programme can be found in the Interact III Cooperation Programme, available to download at

2. Profile

Experts and facilitators in Interact services supporting exchange across the Interreg programmes and relevant stakeholders in their thematic capitalization processes and in the identification and use of innovative tools for cooperation (Community-led Local Development, CLLD; Joint Action Plan, JAP; Integrated Territorial Investment, ITI; article 96 of the CPR, etc.). These positions imply close collaboration with the other expert(s) in programme management in the Office and in Interact. Experts in addressing ESIF programmes and in particular Interreg, including macro-regional strategy programme management bodies, within the scope of responsibility:

  • Experts in advocating and facilitating change in programme management practices;
  • Experts in facilitating exchange regarding thematic capitalisation of programmes and projects and regarding innovative tools for cooperation;
  • Specialists in programme management and project implementation.

For more information regarding Interact Capitalisation activities please consult Interact website on Capitalisation.

2.1 Key tasks

  • Analyse Interreg programmes needs and feedback from Interact target groups and stakeholders with a special focus on the South of Europe;
  • Develop thematic capitalisation methods for more effective transfer of knowledge and results at project, territorial, programme and inter-programme levels;
  • Provide support to programme management authorities and other relevant stakeholders on innovative cooperation tools for effective operational management;
  • Support exchange of experiences on capitalisation and innovative cooperation tools across programme bodies, including macro-regional strategies;
  • Develop content for Interact products related to the specialized areas;
  • Cooperate with the Coordinator in collaboration with the Universities for the transfer of knowledge on Interreg thematic objectives for the benefit of Interreg programmes;
  • Assist in the development and implementation of overall strategy and long-term planning in collaboration with the other Interact Offices;
  • Develop and deliver events including advisory services, trainings, workshops, meetings, etc. (concept development, organisation, management, moderation, reporting and follow-up);
  • Promote events and other activities/tools through the Interact website, newsletter and other channels;
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of overall strategy and long-term planning in collaboration within Interact;
  • Liaise with various stakeholders including European Institutions as well as thematic experts;
  • Identify and brief experts and other contributors.

2.2 Requirements

2.2.1. Minimum eligibility requirements

  • Master degree (or equivalent) in relevant fields of study3;
  • Fluency in English (C1 equivalent4);
  • Applicants must have Spanish nationality or nationality of a member country or any of the states in which, by virtue of international treaties established by the European Union and ratified by Spain, are applicable to the free movement of workers under the terms of this legislation as defined in the European Union Treaty. In this latter case, applicants must provide the receipt of having applied for the EU residence card if they are selected in the application process;
  • Likewise, applicants with a different nationality from the aforementioned may apply if they meet all the requirements in the current legislation. The individual who is granted the position must provide proof of the work permit and the residence permit.

2.2.2. Prioritised professional skills/assets (for the short list)

Years of professional experience in financial management of Interreg/ETC programmes

Max points 2


Years of relevant professional experience in implementing project/programmes dealing with any of the subjects: climate change and related risks, inclusive growth, governance improvements5

Max points 1,5


Relevant professional trainings supported by certificates

Max points 0.5

Valencian language6

Max points 0.5


6 points


2.2.3. Additional skills/assets

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of Interreg programmes and their projects, including management challenges;
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of EU Regional Policy and regulations;
  • Understanding of knowledge transfer processes and systems;
  • Expert in advocating and facilitating change in financial management procedures and network management;
  • Specialist knowledge in any of the following themes:
    • climate change and related risks;
    • inclusive growth: education, employment, inclusion;
    • governance improvements;
  • Excellent understanding of Interact and its framework and related work experience;
  • Understanding of capitalisation processes especially in Interreg/ETC programmes;
  • Understanding of macro-regional or sea-basin strategies;
  • Knowledge of other EU funds, programmes and initiatives;
  • Understanding of new tools for territorial cooperation (CLLD, ITI, JAP, etc.) and their application to Interreg programmes;
  • Knowledge of other EU languages, especially South European;
  • Strong experience in training and moderating workshops, organizing training events and development of training materials;
  • Strong skills for assessing needs, planning and prioritising;
  • Knowledge of quality management systems;
  • Strong skills for intercultural communication and direction;
  • Strong sense of initiative and personal responsibility;
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure;
  • Team spirit and flexibility;
  • Excellent writing, communication, presentation skills;
  • Advanced computer literacy.

3. Additional information

3.1 Contract information

Interact Office Valencia is hosted by Generalitat Valenciana, Regional Ministry of Finances and Economic Model, and housed by the University of Valencia who is the employer of Interact Office Valencia’s team.

The positions are fulltime and are based in Valencia, Spain.

The successful candidates will be employed by the University of Valencia under Spanish public labour law.

We can offer a competitive annual salary depending on experience: gross monthly salary of around €3,400 including pension and social contributions in 14 equal payments (12 equal payments plus two additional payments in June and December); in total annual gross salary of around €48,5007. Depending on personal situation the net salary will be around €2.500 in 14 payments. This salary level should be seen in the context of Valencia city, which offers a very good quality of life for relatively low costs of living.

The positions should be filled as soon as possible. The length of the contracts is in principle three years with one-year extension.

Prolongation of the contracts until the end of the programming period (2023) is in principle possible, being conditional to Interact financing decisions and legal requirements.

The positions require frequent travel under short notice.

3.2 Application procedure

Applications should consist of a letter explaining your motivation for applying and suitability for the position together with a CV. The letter must contain as well your view on the main Interreg challenges in the new strategic context and your potential contribution to solving them as part of Interact services. Especially candidates without Interreg experience must show that their application is based on an attempted understanding of the Interreg area and Interact role.

Your CV must contain only the data, which you can support by documents8, as the selected candidates for interviews will be asked for evidence of this information. Please clearly state the years of Interreg, non-Interreg and thematic experience under each employment. Regarding your university education, please clearly indicate the years of study of the programme(s) taken.

All documents must be submitted in English. The application should also include an indication of possible starting date.

Please use the European standard format for your CV.

Application deadline: 19 January 2017, 23:59 CET. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Please submit your application electronically through the University system (link). For guidance on the electronic submission please visit Interact website in jobs section. After submission, please send a copy of your application to the Coordinator of IO Valencia at

Exceptionally, submission of hard copies9 is possible under the following address:

University of Valencia
Angeles Sanchis Polo
Research Service-OPER
Av. Blasco Ibañes13, 46010 Valencia

Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview (up to 4 points) in Valencia, Spain. They will be asked to bring original evidence for the items listed in their CV. We will cover reasonable economy-class travel and accommodation costs for the interview upon presentation of invoices. Please bear in mind that only plane/train/bus ticket and hotel costs will be covered10.

No notification will be sent to candidates who have not been short-listed.

As a result of this recruitment procedure, one candidate will be selected. Before the contract can be signed the candidate must provide a certificate of English equivalent to C1 level and must homologate or at least start homologation of their Master Degree. We will support you with practical steps of these processes, if you do not have these documents at the application stage.

A reserve list of further suitable applicants may be created in order to be used for future similar vacancies.

Applicant data will be managed according to the Spanish Law on Data protection. Should you have any questions regarding the steps in the process, the documents required or any other information please contact:

For guidance on the electronic submission please visit Interact website in jobs section.

 1This is a non-certified simplified English version of the application procedure, which should be followed by non-Spanish speakers. The official version with the full list of
requirements is available in Spanish and Valencian language with this link.
2A list of costs that can be covered will be available to the successful candidates.
3Non-Spanish degrees will need to be homologated by the successfull candidates. Please see below under the application procedure.
4The successfull candidates will need to present a valid certificate. Please see below under the application procedure.
5These points will only be given for proven responsibility for any of these subjects.
6We strongly encourage people with no Valencian language skills but with relevant professional experience to apply.
7Please bear in mind that in addition to this amount the employer will be paying around €13.500 in social security and penion to the Social Security system.
8Contracts, certificates, etc.
9Please make sure that the date stamp of the post office is put on the papers inside the envelope and not only on the envelop. This is an official requirement, which, if not met, will disqualify your application.
10No local transportation costs will be reimbursed. Concrete details will be provided to the short-listed candidates.

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