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Brussels, Belgium

WSBI Financial Inclusion program: “Making Small Scale Savings Work.”


​​Founded in 1924, WSBI is an international banking association that brings together savings and retail banks from around 80 countries, representing the interests of approximately 6,000 banks in all continents. As a worldwide organization, WSBI focuses on issues of global importance affecting the retail banking industry including specifically supporting international efforts to advance financial access and financial usage for everyone. It provides evidence-based thought leadership and advocacy both towards the international community and WSBI's membership, fosters exchanges of experience and best practices among its members and supports their advancement as sound, well-governed and inclusive financial institutions through first class training and consultancy services, which also in turn feed WSBI's knowledge platforms.

WSBI has been awarded a contract by The MasterCard Foundation to conduct a program "to establish the viability of low balance savings accounts and use of customer centric approaches to address barriers faced in access, usage and affordability of savings services". The core activities are to:

  • Provide technical assistance to banks to develop savings services that are valued by low-income clients. WSBI will work with seven banks to develop and deliver savings products that not only increase access to financial services but also drive ongoing usage of those services. The banks will be located in Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, and Uganda. A bank in Tanzania will also act as a knowledge/resource partner:
    • Partner banks in Kenya, Morocco and Uganda have already been selected and projects will build on previous work conducted in an earlier program supported with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. With the exception of Tanzania where the bank has also been pre-selected, in the other countries a call for proposal process will be undertaken to identify and select the most committed and capable partner banks for the program;
  • Conduct research and share lessons between partner banks. Research on new pricing models will help establish a business case for low balance savings. Publication of an annual state of the sector report on "Savings and Retail Banking in Africa" will facilitate peer learning and knowledge dissemination. Household research will contribute to the knowledge base on intra-household cash-flows;
  • Communicate learnings to the wider sector. WSBI will develop and implement a targeted communications strategy to disseminate the knowledge created by the project to key stakeholders;
  • Monitor and evaluate the project. WSBI will monitor the project progress at partner banks and will oversee mid-term and final project evaluations.

The program commences in September 2016 and will continue until February 2022. The core reference document that describes the rationale and planning for the program is the proposal approved by the MasterCard Foundation.​

​The overall management structure envisages the recrutement of Project Manager/Data Analyst Position.

General description and purpose of the role

The overall program management structure envisages two program managers, one responsible for the projects and activities in the English speaking countries (PM1), and one responsible for those in the French speaking countries (PM2). In addition to responsibility for individual projects, PM1 will also be responsible for driving and coordinating learning and knowledge management activities across all eight countries, and PM2 will be responsible for initiating and analyzing data and statistics across the eight countries. As these two cross-cutting responsibilities are interdependent, very close collaboration between the two roles will be necessary.

This job description relates to the PM2 position (Project Manager – Data Analyst)

He/She will also work closely with a Local Technical Consultant (LTC) for French speaking countries to be appointed to ensure: a) that project activities are implemented according to plan and to identify and resolve issues as needed; and b) that relevant data is gathered and analysed, and performance and results across all partner banks are measured according to program standards (working also with the LTC for English speaking countries).

Ideally, PM2 should be in a position to start before 1 March 2017. Depending on his/her actual start date, PM2 may become involved in the process of selection of partner banks.

Job functions following project selection are described further in the following sections, and complement the IDDDS process (identify, diagnose, design, deliver, sustain) described in the approved program proposal.

​Primary Job Functions at Individual Project Level

​​Maintain Quality Control of Projects for four projects in French Speaking Africa:

  • Manage the activities of the local project technical coordinator for French speaking Africa;
  • Manage the overall delivery and quality of projects with French speaking partner banks; including key benchmarks, milestones and reports and monitor tracking schedule;
  • Monitor project indicators and monthly health check of the supported projects;
  • Input to the central Management Team concerning lessons learned and updating policies, procedures, planning and reporting tools;
  • It is expected in principle that each project should be visited at least once per year. Regular contact with partner banks' management and project personnel, involving also the Local Technical Coordinator, will be necessary throughout.

Update the projects' systems, tools and processes to support their implementation, including:

  • Initiate and manage Assistance Instruments (technical assistance funds and activities, other) with partners and suppliers;
  • Design and agree performance tracking tools (KPIs, dashboards) and design reporting templates for partners.

Support program formulation including:

  • Review submissions from French speaking partner banks, including business plans and pilot plans;
  • Consolidate Monthly/Quarterly Updates from the country teams to the Management Team.

Compile country specific information for four projects in French Speaking Africa to draft:

  • Short quarterly projet reports for the Program Investment Committee (PIC) and Program Steering Committee (PSC) with input from banks and local technical consultants;
  • Provide input to quarterly reports for The MasterCard Foundation/PSC/PIC.

Manage workflow of short-term experts/contractors for four projects in French Speaking Africa:

  • Based on project descriptions, support the assessment of the program´s needs and prepare Terms of Reference (ToR) for required inputs in the projects (staff, individual and institutional consultancy services, procurement of professional services for training, seminars, etc.) with Technical Team support;
  • Manage negotiations of technical contracts, with support of Management Team (Program Director and PM 1); draft agreements and contracts based on technical inputs from team; develop and update contractors' work plans and budgets;
  • Review outputs from consultants and partners, provide feedback, edits and suggestions for improvements.

Primary Job Functions at Program Level

Assist in development and manage implementation of Results Measurement System (RMS) across all projects of the Program:

  • Assist Management Team in the development of the RMS, help set up regular data collection methods, processes and procedures;
  • Help implement the baseline indicators and manage the inflow data for the RMS; prepare synthesis of and actively analyses results for reporting purposes;
  • Develop a quality control system for data and reports.

Assist in Outreach Activities at Program level:

  • Help draft documents for Investment/Steering Committee Meetings;
  • Contribute to the planning process of program workshops and trainings, providing input to agendas and materials.

Assist in data and statistical aspects of the program's research and learning activities:

  • ​Input to design of questionnaires, analysis of and presentation of data in easily understandable formats;
  • Design and manage questionnaires and compile data for the Program's "Savings and Retail Banking in Africa" Report.


Functional Competencies:

  • Excellent speaking and writing skills in French and English are necessary;
  • Excellent analytical skills, probably grounded in mathematics and statistics;
  • Program and project management experience; experience managing initiatives in a Western African context would be an advantage;
  • Strong IT skills, including ability to work regularly with MS Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint and familiar with project management software;
  • Knowledge with data extraction software (XBRL, ETL or Informatica) and data analytical tools (SPSS, SAS or STATA) is an asset;
  • Working knowledge of concepts in financial inclusion and preferably knowledge and exposure to branchless banking, mobile phone banking, or other efforts using technology to reach rural and poor populations;
  • Proven cross-cultural communication. The candidate(s) should be able to function effectively in an international, multicultural environment and liaise with a team consisting of multiple nationalities.

Management/Client Orientation:

  • Working closely with the Local Technical Coordinator, identify, develop and discuss solutions for beneficiaries, and persuade management to undertake new projects or services;
  • Anticipate constraints in the delivery of services and identify solutions or alternatives;
  • Demonstrate openness to change and ability to manage complexities, and resolve problems;
  • Focus on impact and results for clients and stakeholders;
  • Build trust in interactions with others, facilitate partnerships;
  • Approach work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude and responds positively to feedback;
  • Committed to team work within WSBI and when working with other stakeholders.


  • Take on innovation and new approaches and fosters innovation in others;
  • Create an environment that fosters innovation and innovative thinking;
  • Conceptualize more effective approaches to program development and implementation and to mobilizing and using resources.

Required Skills and Experience


  • A minimum of six years' work experience in progressively more responsible positions in development, consulting, and ideally in financial services and/or telecommunications sectors;
  • Experience in program/project management;
  • Experience in donor funded projects, corresponding budgets, and monitoring and evaluation plans;
  • Experience drafting technical terms of reference;
  • Experience in creating detailed work plans or implementation plans;
  • Experience in designing and overseeing direct technical or financial (grant) assistance;
  • Experience in working with the implementation of projects related to financial services, preferably branchless banking and mobile financial services projects.


  • Secondary Education, preferably with specialized certification in Project Management, Accounting, Finance or Data Engineering/Statistics;
  • A University degree in economics, public/business administration, social sciences, or related discipline would be desirable but not a requirement.


  • ​Fluency in French;
  • Excellent spoken and written English.

Reporting line

The position will report to the Managing Director of WSBI Advisory Services (see below) plus the dedicated WSBI Program Director and coordinate closely with PM 1.


Program management will be conducted by WSBI's daughter company, WSBI Advisory Services. The contract for the PM2 position will be signed with WSBI Advisory Services. The PM 2 position is expected to commence in Q1 2017, and will continue until February 2022. ​

Candidates are invited to apply online with CV and covering letter to: Human Resources, WSBI Retail Banking Advisory Services.​​

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